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Gemini Associations:

Element: Air

Direction: East

Symbol: The Twins

Quality: Mutable

Planetary Ruler: Mercury

Color: Yellow

Stone: Agate

Metal: Mercury

House: Third (Rules Communication, Perception, Early School, Short Journeys, Mental Abilities, Peers, Siblings)

Body: Arms, Hands, Fingers, Shoulders, Lungs, Thymus Gland, Nervous System

Plants and Herbs: Cress, Dill, Garlic, Lavender, Mandrake, Mulberry, Parsley, Pomegranate

Common Professions: Writer, Broadcaster, Overseas Traveler, Journalist, Lecturer, Salesman, Secretary, Teacher, Telephone Operator, Travel Agent

Best Compatibility: Aries, Leo, Libra, Aquarius

May 21 - June 20

The sign of the "Storyteller". The Gemini personality is a very knowledgeable and a very open one. Gemini are usually extremely versed in the ways of the world, and they love to tell anyone and everyone what they know. However, Gemini cant seem to keep their minds made up on one thing for very long. What's in one week, is usually out the next. The dual nature of the Gemini at times can be frustrating, but it does keep one well informed. Unlike the stubborn and sometimes immovable Taurus, Gemini cant seem to stay in one place at any given time. They love to travel, and this sign more then any other will make various homes in many different places along their journey here on Earth. The Gemini personality sometimes has difficulty with decision making. Just when they are ready to commit and take a chance on something new, their rational side kicks in and throws a wrench in the mix. Gemini make long lasting friends, and very good lovers. They always think of others, and on more then one occasion will place other peoples feelings above their own. Gemini knows how to relate to others, and knows how and when change is necessary. Gemini is a very true and heartfelt sign. They are easy to get along with, and very rarely rock the boat. Although Gemini has the potential to push its way through life like Aries, it is much slower and more methodical. This lull over decisions is what gives Gemini the potential for a much richer experience along their way.

Final Thoughts: With such knowledge and such great communication skills, don't get caught up in the menial things of life. Use your knowledge to enlighten others, and help get them on the right track. Deliberating too long on crucial life decisions, can and will hold you back. Understand that we are all allowed to make mistakes. As long as we use those mistakes as learning experiences, we can gain positive value even from our own bad judgments. By : intuitivetarot

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