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Aquarius Associations:

Element: Air

Symbol: The Water-bearer

Quality: Fixed

Planetary Ruler: Uranus, Saturn

Color: Ethereal Blue

Stone: Aquamarine

Metal: Platinum

House: Eleventh (Rules hope, dreams, friends, and social involvements)

Body: Ankles, Calves, Circulatory System, Eyes

Plants and Herbs: Pansies, Hemp, Mandrake, Moss, Golden-rain, Parsnips, Pine, Moss, and Comfrey

Common Professions: Astrologer, Astronomer, Broadcaster, Charity / Social Worker, Scientist, Sociologist, and Writer

Best Compatibility: Gemini, Libra

January 20 - February 18

The sign of the "Water Bearer". Those born under the sign of Aquarius are of a free thinking and humanitarian nature. Although they are extremely humanitarian, they tend not to project their true feelings outward onto others. Aquarians are extremely friendly, willing, loyal, and idealistic. However, Aquarians have extremely "emotionally detached" personalities. This is positive in the manner that they can see a problem for what it is and come to a realistic, and just resolution, but negative in manner because they clearly display a lack of empathy for the hardships of others. Aquarians are thinkers, their mind is always working, solving problems, or analyzing their surroundings. These thoughts are only expressed to their closest intimates or through some type of artwork. Although Aquarians have what it takes to truly change the world, their nature is sometimes too inward to make those changes come to pass. Aquarians have the knowledge and the understanding of the world and the people around them, and they use that knowledge wisely. They are excellent judges of human nature, and understand that mistakes made in this life, are necessary to help the spirit grow. Aquarians do not give their trust loosely, it is hard earned, but well worth the work.

Final Thoughts: Aquarians are the "Free Spirits" of the world. If partners or loved ones start sensing distance between you, try to be more accommodating and understanding. You may know a lot about this life, but try to understand others differences and give others the opportunity to catch up. Aquarius is ruled by the element of Air, the element of knowledge and communication. Use your knowledge wisely, and realize that sometimes a lot is said without saying a word. Try not to overanalyze others, it can ruin the best of relationships.

By : intuitivetarot

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