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Cancer Associations:

Element: Water

Direction: West

Symbol: The Crab

Quality: Cardinal

Planetary Ruler: Moon

Color: Silver, Pale Blue

Stone: Pearl, Moonstone

Metal: Silver

House: Fourth (Rules Home and Domestic Life, Hidden Agendas, Supportive Nurturer, Old Age)

Body: Ribs, Breast Bone, Womb, Digestive System, Stomach, Pancreas

Plants and Herbs: Cabbage, Flax, Lettuce, Maple, Mushroom, Olive, Pumpkin, Turnip, Water Violet, White Rose

Common Professions: Antique dealer, Fisherman, Historian, Housewife, Nurse, Sailor, School Teacher

Best Compatibility: Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, Pisces

June 21 - July 22

The sign of the "Protector". Cancer is the true nurturer of the Zodiac, always caring and considering others well being. Cancer is an extremely emotional sign, and is closely related to the feminine aspect, or the mother. Like the soft white rays of the moon, Cancers motives are almost always pure. This makes for a very beautiful and lovable person. Although the Cancer personality can be very vulnerable at times, it has its defenses. People born under this sign tend to be shy and keep their distance. Cancer is always quick to forgive and their strength lies in their ability to move past petty issues. Although sometimes gullible, Cancer always rebounds and turns a dark situation light. Cancer people although not usually leaders, know how to move people. They connect to others on an inner level, and always influence the people they associate with for the better. Once committed, Cancer people are extremely devoted. They are always faithful and loyal, but their relationships need security. Cancer personalities need constant reassurance of how their partners feel, and sometimes can become too dependant. Cancer places high importance on the idea of family and the home. Cancer personalities relate well to children, and are a true inspiration of spirit to those in need of assistance. Cancer people are fair minded, and always willing to compromise. They are extremely resourceful when the time comes, and can seem to pull just what they need right out of thin air.

Final Thoughts: With such overwhelming emotions, be careful not to let people walk all over you. Nurture yourself from within, and you will find that your relationships will grow for the better. Be careful not to be too over dependant on what others think or feel. Your feelings really are just as important, and most of the time are much more credible. Know that you are a source of inspiration for others, so try to always keep your motivations pure. With such deep devotion to life and to others, know when the time has come to move on. Don't think you can change everyone. Keep strong and faithful to life and yourself, and you will find all that you are looking for. By : intuitivetarot

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