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The aura is an energy field that extends a foot or more all around the body. The human aura consists of many shades, but each person usually has a predominant color. The color of an aura can change according to a persons health, mood, spiritual or emotional well being. It does not take a person of high spiritual standing to see an aura. There are exercises that you can do in order to help you be able to see them.

The simplest exercise is to sit down comfortably in a room with white walls. Turn the lights on and place your hand about two feet in front of you with the white wall behind it. Open up your fingers and stare at the space between them. Keep your eyes relaxed. It may take a few minutes but soon you will start to see the energy emanating from your hand. If you still cant quite see it, jerk your hand away very fast and keep staring at the place where your hand was. You should be able to see some color patterns. This is only a small step in the field of Auras, if you are interested in learning more, do some research, there are many books on the subject.

The following is a small chart of definitions for the color of auras.

If your aura is mainly RED, you have very strong convictions, and are very assertive. You are action oriented, and like to have fun. You are more then likely athletic quite possibly have a large family.

If your aura is mainly ORANGE, you usually follow your first impression when it comes to dealing with others. You are a very sensitive person, and are empathetic of other peoples ordeals.

If your aura is mainly YELLOW, you are an independent type and love your freedom. You are very intellectual, but be careful not to fall into the trap of worrying too much. You can be very self critical, and occasionally too judgmental of others.

If your aura is mainly GREEN, you enjoy variety and change, and can be a bit too naive. you are the peace maker, and are very adept at calming situations down. On occasion you can be a little deceptive.

If your aura is mainly BLUE, you have good communication skills, are confident, and creative. You are very objective, and are sympathetic to others. Whether you are male or female, you have a lot of masculine energy within.

If your aura is mainly VIOLET, you tend to have interests of a true spiritual nature. You are very self aware, and would be good working in the metaphysical fields. You have very high esteem, and you protect others when needed.

If your aura is mainly WHITE, you are somewhat shy and introverted. You have a lot of mental energy, but it tends to be a bit unfocused. You tend to be a nervous person, and can be a bit high strung.

The above are extremely general in meaning. Again if you are interested in this field, my advice is to do more research. There is a lot of information out there about energy systems of the body, and how they work.

Let life emanate from within, spilling your individuality over unto others.

By : David River

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