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Dog "Shio Anjing"


1910, 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006

Dog Overview (2009)

2009 will present the Dog with a number of challenges. Your patience will certainly be tested in more than one instance. You may not necessarily gain the notoriety you desire in your career, but certain advancement opportunities will surface throughout the year. You will find comfort with your family and solidify bonds that are necessary for your well being. You may have issues juggling your family life with your work schedule, but you will make great strides in both areas by the end of the year.

Dog Rating

52% (5 favorable, 4 neutral and 3 unfavorable months)

Dog Career

Your work will play a large role in the year of the Ox. You may find yourself working long hours to achieve a promotion or to further your pursuits. Though you may only see minor results this year from your hard work, your ethics do not go unnoticed. Later in the year, you may be offered a step in the right direction, which will flourish sometime next year. Stay focused and be willing to listen to the advice of others and you should have a promising year with your work.

Dog Relationships

Domestically, the Dog can achieve new levels in a relationship this year. People who know you think highly of you, as you are a well respected individual for your work ethics and your devotion to the ones you love. Be open to communication, as you may, at times, be unwilling to change your views even when your partner has a valid point. If you can work on this issue, then you will find your relations with family members and friends very gratifying this year.

Dog Health

Your strong work ethics leave you working long hours, sometimes denying the warning signs of the effects on your health. Take the proper breaks and give yourself the time to recuperate from your busy work schedule or you may be out longer than you desire. You are instinctively a very active person and exercise is not something that you need to remind yourself to do.

Dog Wealth

Financially, you may not achieve the results you seek, but you are well on your way. Keep your spending within your budget, even though there may be items that you desire to purchase to enrich your home. The time will come to make the changes, just focus on the basics for now. There may be a change for the better towards the end of the year, so be patient and exercise care when it comes to spending.

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